Graphics/Spatial Design

Project Description

This course is one of the most work intense course in the program. In this course, we had to design presentation decks, spreads, and models every week. 


12 week long school project in a team of 2 - 5

The main goal for this course is to think in 3D or spatial sequence and design models and present the reasons and ideas via design slide decks. 

Roles and Responsibilities

In the course, I did physical modelings, sketches, research, content writing and the design of the presentation slides

Tools Used

Adobe Illustrator


One of the challenges in this course was to draw a spatial form similar to that of a building which can show positive and negative spaces. My teammates create a random paper sketch model and I drew those forms in 3D perspective views so that it looks like an architectural sketch. I took inspirations and styles from famous architects and tried to mimic their sketches. 

For this presentation, we had to research a famous product designer and present their design style. We had to find appropriate images to put on our slides. Here, I helped with the researching and finding the right type of images to use in our design.

Slide Design

These are the slide designs that I made for our presentations. I did the research on these buildings on why they are significant and did the copywriting. And I put everything into these slide decks in order to create coherent and visually appealing slides. 

Model Making

As for these models, first, we had to scale down the original building size by looking at the blueprints. We then choose different types of materials for different parts of the model to have varying thickness and texture in order to create a space sequence which should be aesthetically pleasing when looking from all sides.  

Asset 1.png
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